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Aim and Scope of the Journal

This journal covers from Biotechnology and the science of biological process in microbes, animals, humans, aquatic and earth environmental aspects, as well as computational applications, policy and ethical issues directly related to Biotechnology, Molecular biology, genetic engineering, microbial biotechnology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, marine biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, biological processes, industrial applications, bioinformatics, biochemistry of the living cell, bioenergetics, Inorganic biochemistry, Innovation in biotechnology and bio-ethics, biotechnology in the developed and developing world, management and economics of biotechnology. Submission to the Journal is on the understanding that the article has not been previously published in any other form and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Research Paper: There is no length limit on research paper, but authors are encouraged to be concise. Supplementary materials can be published if necessary. Please include in the main paper a set of keywords and an abstract followed by Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, Conflict of Interests, and References.

Short Research Communication presents a concise study, or sometimes preliminary but innovative research finding that might be less substantial than a full research paper. Short Research Communication is limited to 2500 words (excluding references and abstract). It should have a set of keywords and an abstract summarizing background of the work, the results and their implications. Results and Discussion Section should be combined and followed by Conclusion. Materials and Methods will remain as a separate section. The number of references is limited to 30 and the number of figures and/or tables combined is limited to 4.

Letter: Description of novel finding that might not be suitable for a regular research paper or short research communication can be published as letter. Letter is limited to be under 500 words and 5 references. There should be not more than two figures or tables combined, and no supplementary material.

Commentary: This is the place for discussing controversial and/or interdisciplinary topics, viewpoints and any other issues of interest to our readers. It is limited to a maximum of 10 references, 1 display (figure/table), and 1000 words including all contents.

Review or mini-review should be authoritative and of high interest to the readers of biological community. A minimum of two figures/illustrations should be included in the review or mini-review that should be some 3000 or 5000 words long (excluding references and figure legends).